Friday, July 8, 2011


This past week, I have had an incredibly difficult time getting into the flow of each day.  I've been using a lot of mindfulness techniques in an attempt to be in the "flow" of something, even if it's just washing the dishes, for a set amount of time.  But even in the moments where I am just washing one dish, my mind will get whisked into another thought, and before I know it, I've lost the moment of being mindful, and getting in the flow.
As the week has progressed, I've become more aware of how distracted my thoughts have been, and finally today I realized I've simply been processing.  Processing all the recent changes in my life, and how it makes me feel.  And I've been allowing myself to feel those feelings, some of worry, some of fear, some of sadness, instead of pushing them away.  Today is the first day this week I have actually been able to formulate those thoughts into something cohesive, and not just a rumination.  And get back in the flow of writing.
It was during a conversation today, with a woman in the broadcasting industry, and my vocational counselor, when suddenly I realized I was in the flow of the discussion, actively participating, and NOT thinking about all the other stuff that's been lingering. (Well up until the moment of the realization) It reminded me, yet again, that I am able redirect my flow, into the things that make me happy, and productive, and move me forward in life.  Writing is one of those things.  I can formulate my thoughts and accomplish a larger goal all at the same time.  Being mindful and getting into the flow of words, while growing my blog to begin a career in broadcasting, and do some emotional healing all at the same time!
Being able to sit down and actually finish a post for the blog has been rewarding, especially after a week+ of having writer's clog (it's not really a block when you have a ton of thoughts coming at you).  Allowing myself to become aware of what was going on emotionally, cleared the clog mentally, and opened up the gates of the  creativity dam to let the flow through.

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