Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mindfully Mindless

The other day, my therapy bitch and I got out of DBT and decided we needed to do something to change our pissy moods.  We decided to use the skill of opposite to emotion action, and rent a couple of funny movies from the library.  On our way, we got on the subject of dinner. Before leaving to walk to the library, we had decided to have something easy, like a salad, but once on our walk, we started smelling all the different aromas from the nearby restaurants.  By the time we got to the library, got the dvds, and walked out, we had convinced ourselves that we NEEDED chicken wings.  We went to the local wing place, got our fill, and walked home to watch the comedies we'd rented.  As my therapy bitch got the dvd player set up, she said to me "I don't know what's wrong with me.  I can't seem to get the dvd open."
"Huh," I said "I don't even REMEMBER checking out the dvds."
At the very same moment, we looked at each other, realizing it wasn't just my faulty memory, we had actually FORGOTTEN to check out the dvds.  We had been so distracted by our desire to eat chicken wings, we walked right out of the library, through the metal detectors, to the wing place, ate, and walked back to her house.  Talk about mindlessness.  After having a good laugh at ourselves, we went back out to the library, through the metal detectors (which didn't go off either time, by the way) and checked out the dvds.  The entire walk home was spent questioning how exactly we could have been so distracted that we had forgotten what we were at the library for.
In DBT, one of the main focuses is about being mindful.  The both of us try very hard to "be in the moment," as much as we can.  We were both extremely mindful of which movies we wanted to rent, mindful of our desires, we were mindful while eating, mindful on our walk back home, but somehow we skipped over being mindful of actually checking out the movies. We were simply distracted by all the other things to be mindful of.

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