Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Laugh With Me

The past couple of days, I have had some serious laughing fits.  The kind where you are gasping for air, tears pooling in your eyes, and your stomach aching.  The kind where you have to let out a "hoo hoo ha" (or Lamaze for Laughter) to regain composure.  The kind that starts out as a giggle and slowly builds until your drink is nearly coming out your nose.  The kinds of laughing fits that remind me life is already too serious, and we all need to laugh uncontrollably sometimes.
While I was skype-ing with a friend yesterday, our connection kept getting lost, and either we couldn't hear one another, or the video would freeze.  At one point, I was getting pretty frustrated trying to figure out what the problem was, and yet again, my picture froze on my friend's screen.  I hear her say "Oh boy.  This is what it decides to freeze on?  This is what I have to look at?  I have to get a picture of this."  And so she proceeds to send me the most unflattering, ridiculous, insane picture of myself that has been frozen on her screen.  I'm not sure words can describe the picture accurately, which is why I am inserting it below.  The second I saw it, I burst out laughing, and my friend and I managed to forget about all that is going on in our lives, and get lost in the silliness of the photo.  She dared me to put it on my Facebook page, which I quickly dismissed, but after showing it to another friend, and getting an even bigger laugh out of it, I figured I would bump up the challenge and pass on the humor.  We all need to laugh sometimes.  I think being able to laugh at yourself, is one of the most valuable lessons I have learned.  That, and when I am frustrated, I make some SCARY faces!

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