Tuesday, May 22, 2012

People Watching

Ok.  I know I have written time and time again about how I am practicing to be a non-judgmental person, and how accepting people as they are has made my life more fulfilling and allowed me to broaden my spectrum of friends and acquaintances, but I have a confession.  I do like people watching.  I like to find people in the crowd who stand out most, and make myself and anyone else I am with, laugh at my judgmental statements.  Hypocritical?  Probably.  But hey, at least I'm being honest.
The past couple of weekends have been absolutely perfect Spring going into Summer weather, which is a relief since during the week it has been gloomy and rainy.  There is something about having an entire week of rain, and then getting a beautiful 75 degree day where everyone is out and about...and treasures come out of the woodwork.  A couple weeks ago, I was sitting on the beach with a friend, enjoying the sun and the view of the water, when I looked over and there was a woman who was standing waist deep in the water.  Now, I know we are all eager for summer to arrive, but there is NO WAY that water was warm enough.  The Atlantic isn't even warm enough in July!  So anyway, I look over and see this woman, and immediately start making judgments about how she's got to be crazy, and who does that, and what is she thinking?  My friend and I are giggling and laughing, and then the real fun starts.  This woman emerges from the water, and heads up to her towel, and her friend waiting for her on the beach.  She dries off, and then proceeds to start putting her clothes on over her wet swimsuit.
"Oh, look at what we got here!  Here's a smart one!  She just froze in the water and now she's gonna put her nice dry clothes on top of her wet suit...oh wait...no no...she's changing...oh look at this!  Her bra is coming off!"  At this point my friend is afraid to look over at the woman, but I know people are uncomfortable staring at me, so I have no problem watching this whole swimsuit change unfold for my entertainment.  I keep making comments as my friend is bent over laughing.  The poor swimsuit lady is struggling at this point.  Elbows are getting caught in the neckline of her shirt, she's obviously having a difficult time peeling off her swimsuit bottoms from underneath her skirt without flashing the entire beach, and I'm pretty sure she's going to give up at any moment, and just leave the wet suit on under her now not-so-dry clothes.  This goes on for at least ten minutes, me giving my friend a play by play of this woman's struggle, and my friend nearly in tears she is laughing so hysterically.  I'm amazed when the show is over, that this woman has successfully not flashed all of the public beach, and I am pretty sure my friend is amazed that I just spent 10 minutes essentially making fun of some strangers ridiculousness.  I must have said at least 5 times "Wouldn't it just be easier for her to find a bathroom to change in?"
Fast forward to this past weekend.  I'm in New York City.  This is for sure the mecca for self expression.  This is the greatest city on Earth to people watch in.  You never know what you are going to see.  Saturday, I got to witness a man in a cherry red suit and top hat dance his way across the street singing "You gotta to be yourself on this beautiful day."  While in Times Square, I saw a woman wearing a silver sequined dress and some sort of matching headpiece, and she kind of looked like a disco ball standing in the sun in the middle of the morning.  I'm not sure how there were no taxi accidents, from the cabbies being blinded.  Maybe they're used to it.  Oh, and I definitely took a picture of her.  I know, I know...judgmental me.  I also managed to get a snapshot of a denim loving woman.  OH!  Did she love denim. Denim thigh high boots.  Denim mini skirt, denim shirt, and denim hand bag.  I'm pretty sure her name was Jean.
I want to make very clear, one thing.  While I thoroughly enjoy getting a good laugh out of people's wardrobe choices, and what I view as ridiculous behavior, I would never do or say anything to make them feel bad about themselves.  I know it's their choice to dress and act as they do, and it's my opinion on how I feel about it.  I also know that those same people I am watching and getting a giggle out of, are probably the same people who are looking at me going "What the heck is wrong with that woman?  Saying no all the time...  She looks ridiculous!"  and possibly having a good laugh at me.  I'm totally okay with it.  To each his own, right?

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  1. You and I need to make a date for people watching!!!